Custom "Public Figure" Prints

It’s been a blast thinking up merch and visuals to go along with the Public Figure project. One medium I’ve been really digging (pun intended) lately is block carving! Both my mother and my best friend are incredible printmakers who make me feel empowered to go crazy and create whatever I dream up

The amazing Erin Anderson gave me the idea to take the EP tracklist and make one of the “Helvetica&” graphics from it. So, I mocked it up and made it a block carving so I can print it on anything. In addition to being a nice little handmade party favor for my EP release hang, it was also an awesome and cathartic way to de-stress in the weeks leading up to the big release. 10/10 would recommend.

Public Figure Helvetica& Prints

If you want a print of your own, shoot me a message with your address and any color requests! In this digital world, nothing would make me happier than for you to have a physical piece of this project.