V Blackburn recently released her stunning new EP entitled Public Figure; a unique and irresistible blend of pop hooks and sultry vocals, intensified by the bluesy grit of wailing electric guitars. As the title of the EP suggests, the track listing reveals a series of prominent public figures in pop culture today: “Jon Hamm,” “A$AP Rocky,” “Kim Kardashian,” and “Al Roker.” The final tune is entitled “V,” a raw and honest glimpse at who V Blackburn really is and how she feels as an artist, and person, in this today’s world.

The EP is (surprisingly) the artistic culmination of a severe case of writer’s block. Challenged by some friends to use celebrities as a writing prompt, V found that the constraints actually inspired creativity. What is more surprising is that by using the lens of these public figures, she was actually able to find a space for introspection and self-discovery. To further this sense of expression, Blackburn hand-designed the artwork for the EP as well as each single, creating collages decorated with images that depict her personal connection to each song. Even the track listing is meaningful, as each song is placed in order of when she wrote it. In doing this, the listener is taken through the emotional journey and growth V experienced during the writing process. 

The Nashville based artist V Blackburn describes her music as “grit-pop”. Featuring the lyrical strength of a singer-songwriter, the catchy hooks of pop music, and the dirty guitars of blues-rock, V Blackburn’s tunes satiate a slew of musical desires. Blackburn has opened for groups ranging from Portland sister-trio Joseph to the Nashville-based Waker. She has shared a stage with artists such as Hozier and Ages and Ages, as well as performed on the main stage of the Newport Folk Festival with the Berklee Gospel and Roots Choir.